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Supporting the Channel

3D Models

3d printer quality


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The MakeWithTech YouTube channel requires hundreds of hours of effort, time spent week after week, and thousands of dollars for equipment, products to review, hosting services, and support. When you see a commercial on a YouTube video from the MakeWithTech channel you are helping to support the channel.

In addition when you purchase a product from one of the following affiliate links, while you see the same price you would experience if you go directly to the site, I received a small commission that helps to support the channel.

The following affiliate links help support the channel at no cost to you.

➡︎ HatchBox PLA -- My Low-Cost Everyday Filament

➡︎ Matterhacker Build Filament -- Another Excellent Everyday Filament

➡︎ Easy to Print and Beautiful CC3D Silky Shiny Filaments available in Metallic Colors

➡︎ Magigoo Pen - an All-in-One Adhesive for 3D Printing - I love this stuff

➡︎ Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing (recommended upgrade for most Bowden style printers)

➡︎ Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set for Getting Prints off a Print Bed (I only recommend this for non-removable beds and children should not use this without adult supervision.)

➡︎ SeeMeCNC EZR Struder Extruder Kit — works excellent with TPU

➡︎ Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend - a drop-in upgrade for a Creality printer

➡︎ My favorite tool for holding heat breaks when replacing nozzles — Ridgid RoboGrip Pliers

➡︎ Powder Coated Build Sheet for Prusa i3 Mk3/Mk2

➡︎ Creality Ultra-Flexible Removable Magnetic 3D Printer Build Surface

➡︎ The Olsson Ruby Nozzle - supports printing with any material

➡︎ Very Interesting Filaments from MatterHackers That Produce Fantastic Prints

➡︎ Wood Burning Tool Kits that work well for cleaning up plastic prints


** Affiliate disclaimer: some of the above links in my videos may be affiliate links, which generate a sales commission for me. Your price is the same or less than if you go to the site directly. These sales commissions help to support the MakeWithTech channel.

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